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Fresh Manuscript Chapters by Rebecca Mate
Get your peek at the manuscript which will elevate the global culture by enriching the arts. Chapters of a book about international Art Day by its founder are being sold for $5 each, including tax, shipping and handling. Send in your choice of chapters and payment to Rebecca Mate, PO Box 11081, Glendale, CA 91226. Questions?


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Kids: Magic Picture Frame & the Art Hunt

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The Role of Artists — How Important?

How to Admire Artists

Popularizing Art Day in Novels and Film

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Pros and Cons of Having an Arts Holiday

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Marketing Art Day to the World

____ # of chapters times $5.00 equals $_________

Script Consulting


Virtue in the Arts is proud to offer the service of reading your manuscript or screenplay and letting you know, in our opinion, what are the strengths. We will tell you what story and message/theme comes across from what you wrote and what effect reading your words had on us.

If you want to learn the flaws to fix, there are plenty of other consultants to ask. Critics can crush the willingness to write, yet continuing to write is the best way to improve and find your voice.

We look for the virtue in your art. We know it is there, because YOU wrote it. We hope you get from us the encouragement and honest validation that fuels the passion to reach your dreams.

You may send your work by mail (with SASE) or email it to Send only $46.50 ($41.50 for members of Alameda Writers Group, Scriptwriters Network, CCIPWA, Unsold Screenwriters of America and Virtue in the Arts literary journal contestants) for each manuscript, poem or screenplay to: Virtue in the Arts Attn: Literary Consultant PO Box 11081 Glendale, CA 91226 Make checks out to "Rebecca Mate - Lit. Consultant."

Thank you for daring to be creative!

Short Story Booklets by Rebecca Mate
Order via or mail a request to Rebecca Mate, PO Box 11081, Glendale, CA 91226.

Satire, a cautionary tale
A new builder-doctor is forced by the medical industry to tear down the only thing his potential girlfriend has left of her architect father, despite her protest, so that the medically-necessary remodel can enhance her health. This award-winning short story was chosen for the Triumph of the Human Spirit collection published by Artists for a Better World.

Past Life Romance
During a heated altercation with his ex-girlfriend, an American tourist “remembers” a way in but cannot find a way out of secret passages in a French castle. Castle personnel won’t return for two weeks, so he’ll die, unless he can convince himself he had been there before and convince his ex to remember where she hid the key 400 years ago.

A killer whale who doubts that humans are sentient becomes convinced otherwise.

A frustrated galactic pianist who lost his hand in an accident moves to a remote mining planet to escape all music. However, he is tormented by a phenomena called “echoes” and when trapped beneath the spout for tomorrow’s concrete pour must discover the cause of the echoes to save his own life. This story was bought and published in a literary publication called Lighthouse.

Sci-Fi Adventure
An atheist wants to win the experimental flying car race, and he has bet a lot more than prize money on the outcome. Between sabotage and a competitor who will go to immoral lengths to win, the atheist has only one option — but it requires an act of faith.

Four Stories in by Rebecca Mate in an experimental style

SPACE CABBIE (The Help Story) Sci-fi (Every sentence contains a form of the word “help.“)
A seasoned cabbie, whose run is between the Earth, the space station and the moon, finds it difficult to help people until his failure to help someone close to him comes to light. This story was bought and published online by "The Better Drink."

PINK CHOCOLATE (The Control Story) Sci-Fi (Every sentence contains a form of the word “control.”) The owner of the space station amusement park cannot be controlled until a controlling, sexy female vendor tries to addict him and his customers to her pink chocolate.

GLOBAL WARMING HEATS UP (The Communication Story) Sci-Fi (Every sentence contains a form of the word “communication.”) A man in middle management over six multi-country-financed global warming solutions doesn’t want to tell his boss that none of them are working, and he certainly doesn’t want to talk to the mysterious woman who seems to be stalking him.

THE GREAT FLYING CAR LIFTOFF (Another version) (The Interest Story) Sci-Fi (Every sentence contains a form of the word “interest.”) An atheist wants to win the experimental flying car race, and he has bet a lot more than prize money on the outcome, but it will require an act of faith.

If you are interested in or would like to co-produce some of the store items below, email

Greeting Cards for Artists to show appreciation for their work
Holiday Greeting Cards for Artists on your list
Art Day mugs, shirts and greeting cards
"What Shall We Do On Art Day?" coloring book
Book about the international Art Day holiday
Pros and Cons of having an arts holiday book
Accessories that show you love the arts
Past issues of Virtue in the Arts literary journals
Virtue Pins and accessories, such as an Honesty necklace or Fidelity pin.
Short story booklets by Rebecca Mate
Booklet on Admiring Artists by Rebecca Mate
How-to Booklet for starting a C.A.F.E. artists group of your own
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