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The writers group, Unsold Screenwriters of America (USA,) was started after a comment, "I wish I had a dollar for every unsold screenwriter." Dues is only $1 per year. Mail in your $1 and get a (cheap) membership card: USA, PO Box 11081, Glendale, CA 91226. Please include your name, address, email, website, number of scripts written, ways that didn't work to sell your script and whether or not you want to be listed on the website.

While available, the next few members will also receive FREE USA gear. But, don't worry if you don't get the free gear, because you can go to any tourist store and get T-shirts, hats, key rings and other gear with USA on them (which is where we got ours.) As you walk around in Hollywood, or your home town, give a friendly wave to anyone passing who is wearing USA on their person. You never know, they might be a member.

USA Screenwriters and their zany activities were featured in the comedy, "USA Hollywood." For a copy of this unsold script, email

Please note that membership will be promptly revoked (sometimes with fanfare) upon the sale of a screenplay by a member. Membership fee will not be refunded.

Members receive $5 off the positive feedback Script Consulting service from Virtue in The Arts.  See the Feedback/Services/Store webpage for more information.

Membership Director
Unsold Screenwriters of America




Creative Artists Forum for Expansion (C.A.F.E.) came about from the idea that a group can survive better than an individual and from the idea that a group does only as well as its individual members do. At a coffee shop around a table each week we ask the difficult questions of each artist present about their past week’s production in the arts and their plans for the upcoming week. We also have an insatiable desire to experience fresh art, so encourage samples of it to be brought for us to relish. C.A.F.E. fills the need of artists for someone to care, and even demand, that they produce and release the art within them. Art is, after all, the true currency of our civilized society. How wealthy are you?

The C.A.F.E. logo was designed by writer/jeweler Thom Severtson of Los Angeles.  Since I had no pictures of C.A.F.E. artists sitting around a table talking about and sharing art, this photo is my mother, Barbara Glazier, who introduced me to the world of art, and my stepfather Archie Glazier, who makes metal art out of stainless steel, sitting at a table in Castillo, a Mexican food restaurant in Colorado.
INTERESTED IN STARTING YOUR OWN C.A.F.E. ARTISTS GROUP? Excellent!  E-mail us at or write to C.A.F.E., PO Box 11081, Glendale, CA, USA 91206.