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Celebrate int'l Art Day, second Friday in August!



     Whereas, since 1998, the second Friday in August has been dedicated to the arts. Artists of all disciplines have been celebrated at festivals, parties, art gift giving, families doing art together, and greeting card exchanges in Glendale and at locations in North and South America, Europe and Asia;  and

     Whereas, Art uplifts the people of the world, whether through paintings, plays, poems, stories or songs. All nations benefit by celebrating and supporting the boundless creativity of artists; and
     Whereas, Art Day is a day for helping artists all over the world by purchasing their work or just letting them know you appreciate what they do; and

     Whereas, the arts play a vital role in the creation and enhancement of culture, and Art Day symbolizes a milestone in the validation and recognition of the arts in the City of Glendale setting a great example for other cities to follow; and

     Whereas, Glendale is the home of Art Day, a holiday dedicated to scientific advancements, enlightenments, knowledge, creativity, imagination, cultural interchanges and dreams that come from cultures rich in the arts;

          Now, therefore, I, Dave Weaver, Mayor of the City of
          Glendale, hereby proclaim 
          Friday, August 11, 2006, as 

                                  ART DAY

          and encourage everyone to explore the holiday in
          a way that celebrates the artists who have made
          the most impact on them.

               Dave Weaver,
               Mayor August 8, 2006


When an eight-year-old girl, Kyler Iaeger, peeked over the balcony on August 11, 2007, she was thrilled to find an arts event in the JC Penney's courtyard of the Glendale Galleria mall.

Produced by Art Day Founder, Glendale resident Becky Mate along with the City of Glendale Arts and Culture Commission in celebration of international Art Day (an annual day dedicated to the arts, proclaimed by Glendale Mayor Ara Najarian,) artist Vince Takas with artists from the Glendale Art Association and art teacher Irina Atanian and Atanian Art Center staff had paintings on display. Kids had an area to make art and the Magic Picture Frame gave the children small gifts. At the end of the evening, even three unlikely teenagers were sitting down to draw.

In addition, half a dozen artists, organized by Julie Snyder, President of the Businessmen's Art Institute of Montrose, painted a live model, fascinating passersby with each of their different takes on the subject. Around 80 Art Day greeting cards, purchased on-line from the international Internet group Artists for a Better World, were given out for people to send to someone wishing them "Happy Art Day!"

The eight-year-old was in and out of the Art Day Event three times, as she waited for her sister who was in acting class, and was one of the 177 people entering a raffle in an attempt to win the huge $300 basket of art, which included a $50 gift certificate from Swain's Art Supplies, a free month of art classes from Mission: Renaissance Fine Art School, coupons from stores in the mall and paintings, CD's, stories, poetry, an Art Day coloring book and a movie script. At home that weekend, Kyler could not stop telling her mom she was going to win the basket. The next day, her name was pulled.

The young Lancaster resident was presented with the basket, at FastFrame, 112 N Brand Blvd, in the evening on August 23rd during the Summertime Artist Reception for featured artist David Edward Pease. She eagerly spoke of the drawing and painting she does, the good time she had on Art Day. When introduced to Pease, she said, "I've never met a professional artist before." She definitely needed the help of her father, Shawn, to carry the heavy arts basket home.

Her favorite item in the basket is a greeting card with a photo of a frolicking pony on the front. After drawing for a while in the What Shall We Do on Art Day? coloring book, Kyler wrote this poem:

Art Day is special.
Art Day is fun.
But when the night comes,
Your day is done.

Mark your calendar
Once again.
So now you remember
Art Day comes every now and then.

-Kyler Iaeger, 8-year-old

The other Art Day activity that thrilled children was an Art Hunt at the Art and Chocolate Party given on August 10, 2007, in the back garden of Randy and Becky Mate. An Art Hunt is like an Easter Egg Hunt, except the children hunt for art, CD's, written works and art supplies. Young artist Vardui, who has attended the Art Day Founder's annual Art Party for the past four years along with her two sisters, Lusine and Nune, and her mother, Stella Grigoryan, specifically asked if there was going to be an Art Hunt this year. The six children gave an enthusiastic yell and dashed around looking for art while the adults read poetry, played music, acted out a scene of a play, read a short story and discussed whether or not chocolate was an art form. Vardui and Lusine also each came up to the stage to play beautiful classical pieces of music on keyboard, which they knew by heart.

There is still a chance for singer/songwriters to participate in Art Day this year. The deadline for the Art Day song contest has been extended to August 31, 2007. Contest judge, music teacher and performer Tom Fair, who first made his mark in the 1960s as a songwriter for legendary pop group The Left Banke, says, "Basic technical requirements are the standard songwriting skills: clarity of expression, potential internal rhyming, aesthetic effect on the listener, song form, the "hook" that makes a song memorable to the public mind. We are looking for songs that say something positive and encouraging about life." The winner of the contest will be able to perform or have their song tracks introduced at Tom Fair's late summer concert. Entry to the contest is free. To submit your song (music plus lyrics,) email Tom Fair at dynamic_events@hotmail.com or write to Randy Mate, International Art Day, PO Box 11081 Glendale, CA 91226.

News Release of 7-18-07

Where is Art Day?

   That is the first question most often asked of the founder of international Art Day, Glendale, California resident, Becky Mate, when she tells people about the worldwide day dedicated to the arts and artists of all disciplines, which falls on the second Friday in August. "It's like asking 'Where is Valentine's Day?' or 'Where is Secretaries Day?' Art Day is a holiday to increase appreciation and funding for the arts," says Mate.

   On May 24, 2007, the City of Glendale Arts and Culture Commission voted unanimously to support and help promote Art Day within their capacity. As the "Home of Art Day," city-wide celebration plans
have begun in Glendale, the first city to officially proclaim international Art Day in 2006, with a proclamation by Mayor Dave Weaver.
   On August 10, and weekend just following, artists of all disciplines and art enthusiasts may partake in
the following activities or create their own. Art Day, around since 1998, has been celebrated in isolated spots in England, France, Brazil, Malaysia, Russia, Belize, Puerto Rico, Denmark,
the United States, etc. But, Glendale is the Home of Art Day and is taking that to heart.
   The Forest Lawn Museum houses a permanent collection of Gothic stained glass and art and artifacts from around the world and opens that exhibit to the public on Art Day. An added component to the experience is the museum’s cell phone tours, in which narratives on selected pieces of art can be heard on your cell phone. www.forestlawn.com.
   The Glendale Galleria shopping malls invites people to come visit stores for Art Day. Plans are underway for the center court to host children's arts activities and a fine arts display. Sharon Rubehstein will teach children how to make jewelry. Signage will be posted at Customer Service stations the weekend of Art Day (August 10 - 12, 2007.) The Glendale Galleria is promoting Art Day via its tenant newsletter, monthly e-blast to customers and on its website, www.glendalegalleria.com.
   Tom Fair (www.myspace.com/tomfair), who first made his mark in the 1960s as a songwriter for legendary pop group The Left Banke, has been chosen to judge the first ever contest for the best song of international Art Day. The winner of the contest will be able to perform or have their song tracks introduced at Tom Fair's late summer concert. Entry to the contest is free and the deadline is August 5, 2007. To submit your song (music plus lyrics,) email Tom Fair at dynamic_events@hotmail.com for more info or write to Randy Mate, International Art Day, PO Box 11081 Glendale, CA 91226.
   Everyone is welcome, per Becky Mate, to attend the Ninth Annual Founders Art Day Celebration in Glendale, CA, which is a fancy name for artists attending a potluck BBQ and open mic in the garden of Becky Mate, Founder of Art Day's apartment house. Live music, hot dogs, hamburgers and art. For more information, contact beckymate@earthlink.net or go to
www.virtueinthearts.com. Attendees can bring a poem, short play, song, painting or dance to share.
   The Alex Theatre of Glendale is putting up a poster in their poster case about Art Day. Contact Elissa Glickman, eglickman@alextheatre.org. 
   Luna Playhouse of Glendale encourages audiences to come and celebrate international Art Day with the performance of two short plays by William Saroyan and, afterwards, a late evening celebration called Words About Art. Per Artistic Director Aramazd Stepanian, "A picture is worth a thousand words, but you need words to say that." Go to lunaplayhouse.com. Luna Playhouse will also put up a poster wishing everyone "Happy Art Day."
   Individual artists are putting up "Happy Art Day! Second Friday in August" and "Glendale: Home of Art Day" signs in their yards (miceteasworld@wmconnect.com), on the front of homes, and on their cars (www.christinesargent.com) to show their support for the arts.
   Poet/Photographer Paul Huth of Murrieta, CA is celebrating Art Day by sending out poetry and photos to people he knows, accompanied by a self-made "Happy Art Day!" greeting card. Huth's photography and poetry was selected for the cover of international Art Day greeting cards in a prior year. Contact Paul Huth at emitlevart@gmail.com.
   Cathy Bird of the St. Hill Arts Festival plans to feature Art Day and wish "Happy Art Day" to the attendees of the annual arts festival, which continues through August 10, 2007.
   An artist membership organization is selecting winners of a contest for the cover of "Happy Art Day" greeting cards, to be sold on their website. (Click "Press Releases" at www.artistsforabetterworld.org.)
   Glendale resident Clare Anahu is promoting Art Day to her friends. (clareanahu@juno.com.)
   The answer to "Where is Art Day," is simple. It is resident in the creativity of us all. Art Day is where you are on August 10, 2007. Treat yourself to the arts. Indulge in the arts. And have a Happy Art Day!



This year there were some firsts in the ongoing project by writer Becky Mate, Treasurer of Artists for a Better World, to expand an international day dedicated to the arts and artists of all disciplines. These firsts are a microcosm of what could be when artists all over the world celebrate Art Day annually on the second Friday in August.

In the US, Secretaries Day brought appreciation for secretaries. Art Day was conceived to bring appreciation for artists and their role in shaping our culture.

In developing the Art Day holiday, Mate herself has pioneered celebration of such a day since 1998 with backyard parties, a small arts festival and her family enjoying art together. "This shows people they can create events for publicity or fun anchored around Art Day," said Mate, whose own party had double attendance this year. Attendees were apartment neighbors, nearby residents in the community, fellow members of C.A.F.E. artists, members of Alameda Writers Group, church friends, supporters and the Director of a local theatre, long-time Art Day aficionados and their friends and children.

These are the products, the firsts, of Art Day 2006:

1. OFFICIAL RECOGNITION. Previously, grass roots celebration of Art Day took place in isolated places in the US, Russia, Canada, Belize, Peru, Brazil Malaysia, France, England, etc. This year, the day was made official, at the suggestion of Councilman Rafi Manoukian, by Mayor Weaver of Glendale, California, an artist himself, who issued a Proclamation naming Friday, August 11, 2006 as Art Day and establishing Glendale as the “Home of Art Day.”

2. ARTS FUNDED. One of the purposes of Art Day is to bring funding to the arts. Luna Playhouse is a new theatre in Glendale, which will have performances in English, Armenian and Spanish starting in September 2006. Their renovation budget did not take into account the number of toilets required by the city, so gallery-acclaimed photographer Boris Tahmasian brought a large framed Maine lighthouse print for a Silent Auction to the BBQ given by the Founder of Art Day. The entire proceeds from the sale of the photo went to the Luna Playhouse. It was bought by Glendale resident Phil Deland who had recently given a Toastmaster’s speech about Pemaquid Point where the lighthouse sits.

3. ART EDUCATION PROMOTED. In the interest of arts education, at the BBQ in Mate’s apartment backyard, a budding visual artist wanting to learn how to paint better was given information about Mission: Renaissance, the largest fine arts school with over 20 locations.

4. ARTIST SUPPORT GROUPS PROMOTED. Another purpose of Art Day is to bring about awareness of artist groups that help artists. An informal art raffle was held at the Art Day party, sponsored by Artists for a Better World. Besides the original items, artists gave unsolicited raffle donations including a CD of music and poetry by Marcielle Brandler, a romance novel called "50/50 Split" by Rick Mizuno, a flower photo by Paul Huth, a steel horse magnet by Archie Glazier and a screenplay by Cheri Quest and John Robert Christopher. One of the raffle items was a mug from Alameda Writers Group, a Glendale-based association which helps writers up to the next level. The first attendee, Marcielle Brandler, suggested that the winning raffle ticket holder be allowed to choose from the table of art gifts. This suggestion was taken over that of Elroy Mathijsen, an attendee from the Netherlands, who said that in his home country a field is marked into squares, each square is numbered and a cow is sent in. The first cow patty marks the spot of the raffle winner. Seeing as they had no cow, Marcielle’s suggestion won out and pleased attendees left with a varied assortment of artworks.

5. ARTIST PR GENERATED. Art Day is an opportunity to provide publicity for individual artists and their work. Whereas there have been news articles about Art Day, this year marks the first year where eight artists were mentioned by name in the Los Angeles Times Saturday, August 12, 2006 issue, in the Glendale News-Press section in an article by Stephanie Park. The works of these eight artists were promoted because of their association with the new Art Day holiday. The artists receiving such publicity were Tina Tashjian for her paintings, Boris Tahmasian for his photography, Leslie Silton for her art cards, Rick Mizuno for his novel and upcoming screenplay, Claudia Perez Brooks for her music, Shery Miljoner for her jewelry and, of course, Mayor Dave Weaver for his art and Becky Mate for her writing.

6. WORLDWIDE EVENTS HELD. As Art Day catches on, it is expected that there will be more and more people producing events of their own. In 2006, musician Isaac Watts brought up the fact he wanted to have a special Art Day concert with the aim of steering troubled teens away from suicide. Edgar Vega of Puerto Rico loved the idea of Art Day and threw his own BBQ in celebration. An Art Day party took place in Tennessee. A fellow shopper inquired about the Indonesian puppets Becky Mate bought and was told, "The Mayor of Glendale declared Friday as Art Day, so I’m having an Art Party." The shopper said, "I should have an Art Party, too!" It is the thing to do.

7. AMBASSADOR OF ART DEPLOYED. This year the title of Art Day Ambassador was created. The first to be named such was Regina Tercero, Art Day Ambassador to the Philippines, who attended a school reunion and promoted the Art Day holiday. The Art Day Ambassadors are ambassadors representing the international community of artists of all disciplines.

8. FOREIGN RECOGNITION. This was the first year that Becky Mate was offered an award from another country for starting Art Day. Cathy Bird of the St. Hill Arts Festival in England said, "We want to acknowledge all those who have started or founded Arts Festivals and your Art Day must be the Festival to end all festivals!!! And we want to raise awareness about Art Day, too!" This award signifies that the concept of artist appreciation is international in scope.

9. MULTI-CULTURAL SUPPORT. This is the first year that a national radio show has offered to promote Art Day in another tongue than English. Daniel Ortiz of W Radio 690AM became interested in airing the news after seeing the Proclamation of Art Day by the Mayor of Glendale, and was put in touch with Claudia Perez Brooks, the Spanish Spokesperson for Art Day.

10. WEBSITE UP. This is the first year that Art Day has an official website. Go to www.virtueinthearts.com.

11. CHILDREN CONTRIBUTION. Stella Grigoryan had brought her three young children to the Founder’s Art Day party for the two prior years. They looked forward to this year and kept bugging their mother to remember to bring them. It is a first that one of the girls brought three paintings she had made to show at Art Day. They were proudly hung near the children’s art activities table.

12. PATRONAGE STIMULATED. Ricki Hall went on the Internet to buy a painting in honor of Art Day.
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BIO DATA: Mate was a member of and then the Executive Director of C.A.F.E. She is Treasurer for both Artists for a Better World and Celebrity Centre International Professional Writers Association. She is a member of the Alameda Writers Group and Scriptwriters Network. She has experience as a Director of Promotion and Marketing. She is an award-winning short story writer, has had stories and plays performed on stage, has had stories and articles published both in print and on the Internet and was twice a finalist in a family script competition and an international film festival. She has also published a literary journal called Virtue in the Arts, which featured stories, poetry and art by diverse people in the community on the subjects of honesty, trustworthiness, kindness and other virtues which transcend cultures.

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