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Art Day Aficionado:
  "Dear Ms. Mate :
  "Thank you for contacting me regarding your support for the arts and artists. I appreciate hearing from you and welcome your input.
  "As the world celebrates International Art Day once again this coming August, I am pleased to share with you my support for public efforts to promote culture and community. The art exhibitions and educational and entertainment programming held on Art Day are important in paying tribute to artists throughout our communities. They further serve a purpose to teach our children and each other about our multi-cultural backgrounds and strengthen education in the arts-ranging from fine arts to dance to music-all of which Art Day thoroughly explores in unique capacities here in the United States and abroad. It is well known among researchers that learning to respond to, perform, and create works of art teaches children and young people skills, values, and habit of mind crucial to their personal growth and development. Given this evidence, it is more imperative than ever that we invest in the arts as a catalyst for the mental stimulation and educational development of our young people.
  "I appreciate your idea to create a national holiday for the arts and artists. As a proud member of the Congressional Arts Caucus, I, too, share your commitment to them. This year, I signed a letter to the Interior Subcommittee of the Appropriations Committee to fund the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) at a level of $170 million and opposed numerous efforts to reduce federal funding for the arts. I applaud your dedication to the arts, and please be assured that I will keep your views in mind as legislation about arts education and events is considered on the House Floor.
  "An on-going job of a Representative in Congress is to help constituents solve problems with federal agencies, access services, and get their questions answered promptly. On my website, I offer a detailed guide to the services my office can provide to you as a constituent. I also encourage you to subscribe to the Washington Update, my email newsletter which contains information on local events, my work in Washington , and even lets you weigh in on important issues through online polls. Visit me online at to subscribe. Please know that you can always reach me at (626) 304-2727 or via my website if I can ever be of additional assistance.
  "Thank you again for your thoughts. I hope you will continue to share your views and ideas with me."
Adam B. Schiff
Member of Congress



Becky Mate near
Glendale Galleria.

Photo by TomM Hall
About us

  Virtue in the Arts is a foundation begun by writer Becky Mate dedicated to the rehabilitation of the role of arts in shaping our culture for the betterment of mankind. This purpose is accomplished in four ways: 
1. A literary journal with positive themes. 
2. Promotion of an international day dedicated to artists, Art Day, second Friday in August.
3. Encouragement of the formation of informal artists groups who know the value of their role as artists.
4. The sale of items which promote the arts, which acknowledge the artist and which make a difference.
5. Movie reviews which take into account the spiritual impact of a film on an audience.
6. Consultation for poems, manuscripts and screenplays focusing on positive feedback to validate the strengths and reinforce a writer's conviction about the value of his work.
We welcome your help in any of these areas.


Please submit short stories, poetry or artwork for inclusion in the next on-line publication of Virtue in the Arts. The theme next time is "Honesty." For submission guidelines, email the editor at
  DEADLINE 8-30-07
Let us know whether you are pro or con an international holiday for the arts and artists and why or why not. If you have celebrated Art Day on the second Friday in August, let us know what you did and the results. Email us at or mail to Virtue in The Arts, PO Box 11081, Glendale, CA, USA 91226 or join our Yahoo Group for Art Day.

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